Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween, another outdated 'holiday' we cant get rid of because theres too much money to be made

Granted, no one can agree on what Halloween is really about anymore, or where it all began, or who started it. You can read a lot of authoritative sounding info out there. They all claim they hold the absolute truth about Halloween, but they are all equally as wrong and useless as the next.

The way I see it, it is essentially a HARVEST festival.

In Australia, October is SPRING.

So, whats it doing here?

But here it is. Along with so many other "American" money making machines (McDonalds, Big W, the ilk). I admitt, I was dissappointed to discover that the suburbs of Sydney are very much like the suburbs of Anywhere, USA.

I once asked a woman here in Sydney why she let her kids go trick or treating. She replied "Oh, you know, they see it on TV..."

Really? They see it on TV. Thats an interesting parenting technique.

I had to bite my lip really, really hard to avoid asking her the inevitable:
What else do they see on TV that you allow them to do?
Murder? Gang Rape? Base jumping? Soft-core p*rn?
Do you know youre a moron?

Obviously what they dont see on TV is the line up outside the local police station to get the goodies xrayed for sharp metal objects. Nor the school lectures on how to tell if your candy has been tampered with. They call it something like 'safety', but they should just get real and name it "How not to get maimed or killed by eating candy from strangers 101".

When it got this bad stateside, most sensible people stopped going to houses they didnt know who lived in. Parents or older siblings would chaperone younger ones from Aunties house across town to Grandmas and back again for a party at the community centre. (Where you likely still dont know anyone.)

All that sort of thing helps the young ones, thats true. But for other adults, it means a knock at the door you arent expecting, is likely to be trouble. Especially as evening becomes night.

Thats when you get the gangs of teenagers. Gangs of teenage boys who dont even bother with the pretense of a costume. You just know youd better give them some candy - alot of it - without saying a word.

Or else. Thats all. Or else.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Same clap, different medium?

My Evil Twin Tagged me with the SEVEN THINGS ABOUT ME meme.

What seven things could anyone possibly want to know about me?

Possibly justifiably
Inflexible - mentally AND physically. Damnnit.
Insufficiently caffeinated
Hate all the neighbors

Pfffft! Im not tagging anybody.

Dont comment! No Body Should Comment! Tsk. Eye roll.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Goodbye Cruel World!

I have decided to eat a 800 gram box of bran, then lock myself in a small room with a box of matches.

Previously on this blog, I complained about developing diabetes. About two weeks after that, I finally got my chance to see a diabetes dietician, who explained to me how to control my blood glucose levels using the carbohydrate exchange system.

All well and good, a big adjustment to make, but well worth the effort. After all, who wants to go blind or start having toes off, right?

But for some reason today, all I want is chocolate covered cookies. Yes, yes, I could have ONE....but WHAT THE HELL GOOD IS ONE GONNA DO?

Can I get a witness?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008



We 'caught' it in the freakin' ocean, we are not making this up.
Yes, it looks like all of those things - ITS SO GROSS!
I am never going to drop a line ever again!