Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Everyones a Christian at Christmas... long as there are gifts involved.

If everyone practiced what they preached all year long instead of applying a core belief system strategically in exchange for cash and prizes*...well, then Id have nothing to complain about.

That would be so cool.

But Christmas, means Christ-mass. Got that? CHRIST-MASS.

Not: Santa Worship Week.
Not: Annual Tree Slaughter.
Not: International Commerce Appreciation Interval.
Not: Financial Castration for the Purposes of Impressing Visiting Relatives Day.

I wish I knew the details for the pic Im using here, Im sure its Mary recieving the Holy Spirit, its beautiful. You might find it interesting that Mary was Jewish.

Personally, Im Atheist all the way. But I would defend your right to believe what you want to believe. I would hope that whatever your belief, that it contains universal ideals like being good to your fellow man, the earth, and all its creatures. Not beating each other over the head in conversion attempts, or blowing each other up in the name of Whomever....ah geeze, dont get me started!!

Just love one another for fux sake!


* or land, money, power, what have you - history is full of examples, most of which should have served as cautionary tales to avoid making the same mistakes again, but (sigh).