Monday, October 27, 2008


Same clap, different medium?

My Evil Twin Tagged me with the SEVEN THINGS ABOUT ME meme.

What seven things could anyone possibly want to know about me?

Possibly justifiably
Inflexible - mentally AND physically. Damnnit.
Insufficiently caffeinated
Hate all the neighbors

Pfffft! Im not tagging anybody.

Dont comment! No Body Should Comment! Tsk. Eye roll.


Melanie said...

I hate all my neighbors aswell.

Lavender said...

some neighbors deserve to be hated - I thought I had them all!

Ces said...

I hate all of my stupid and ignorant neighbors but like the smart and funny ones. Hah! Crankypants!

Ces said...

I have all the stupid neighbors down the street and they have IQ scores of about 70.

laughingwolf said...

i hate my neighbors, too

especially the bitch in the apartment above, and her phony screams of 'orgasm' grrrrrrrrrrr

BetteJo said...

Oh my. Neighbors don't stand a chance here, do they?!? Lol!

Ces said...

What does a phony orgasm sound like? I do hate neighbors who make out in public. Go inside in your bedroom! I don't want to be traumatized with what I see. They are stupid!

Young Werther said...

phony orgasm?

So was she screaming profanities or blaspheming ;)