Friday, July 18, 2008

I call him weasel boy

Australia, you believed all his campaign promises and elected him.

Already, the disappointment is thick - except in the thick. But I’m sure they will catch up eventually.

Maybe you didn’t like Howard’s ideas. Maybe they scared you. After all, Aussies have a pretty sweet deal here at home.

But things can’t stay as they are if you want to (continue?) (better?) play on par with the rest of the world.

And you do, don’t you? If you didn’t, you wouldn’t all have (or want) cable tv, iPhones, multiple car households, a McDonalds in every suburb, and “Sex in the city“ box sets.

Naysayers, shut yer yaps, you know I’m right. I’ve heard plenty of anti-American sentiment, and have come to understand that a great many people -worldwide- greatly dislike America. Just not enough to shun its consumer goods and ‘culture‘. Sic transit gloria mundi.

Whether you liked him or not, John Howard saw that substantial changes were necessary to help Australia become competitive with other dominant global economic powers. And you voted him out for it. Myopic!

My bet is: Unlike his predecessor, weasel boy will get absolutely nothing of value done toward Australia’s greater good. There’s going to be a lot of lip service, slick used car salesman showmanship and hair styling products on show while he extracts more money from your pocket, and vigorously campaigns to win the next election.

Australia, if you allow that to happen, you will only get what you deserve.

We are all going to freeze to death, while starving in the dark. So get over it.

I cant find the actual ‘green paper’ itself to find out the facts for myself. I’ve seen a few newspaper articles that make various claims, and heard parts of whispered conversations that make it sound like we will all have to make a blood sacrifice for using lights in our homes at night.........I suspect this lack of reference has something to do with the timing (the Pope is in Sydney for his World Youth Day propaganda event)..........frustrating.....

I started this blog to have a personal dumping ground for my skewed opinions. Lately there’s just been so many ‘targets’ getting me torqued to the point that chest pains force me to throw my hands in the air, and go look at pictures of kittens jumping over rainbows till I feel better.

Thus: the post that follows this one is but a fragment, and the frequency of posting here is suffering impairment. Such is life.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Barak, Nicole, Angelina & the Pope

Barak Obama
Nicole Kidman
Angelina Jolie
the Pope and his World Youth Day