Monday, September 1, 2008

Quitting Smoking Gave Me Diabetes

Oh yes it did.

And you know what, Im sure that me dying of heart disease due to smoking would have cost the health care system a LOT less than keeping me alive with diabetes. I sure as shit would have been a lot more pleasant to be around through the whole process too.

So, all you anti-smoking nazis out there, the jokes on you! Not only do you not get all that juicy revenue that this ex-smoker provided (and for which you should be eternally grateful), but you will have me around longer to penalize you for your bitching about my smoking.

And before anyone gets on thier high horse and gives me the second hand smoke bullshit, there is something else you should consider:
Once I quit smoking, I found myself gagging on the smell of car exhaust everywhere I went....but can I walk up to everyone in a car and bitch at them about what they are making me breathe?

So if you want to try to lecture me, youd better be damn sure youre 'without sin' yourself.


Lavender said...

For the record, I always tried to do my 'evil deed' away from anyone who could be bothered - with the exception of one time, for which I still feel guilty.
Furthermore, I 'began' smoking while I was still an egg, in other words - I was born smoking - not just conned into it by teen pressure or other bullshit.

Ces said...

I am sorry about the diabetes. You take good care of yourself now.

Young Werther said...

What is life if one can't indulge in all the pleasurable sins? I'm no longer permitted streaky bacon, pork cracklin :( Ciggies, gave that up 22 years ago.

Take care Lav. Not too much cheesecake!

Aoide said...

no lectures. Plenty of sin here :(


Alys Dietsch said...

Well that sucks. Can't enjoy the food or the smoke afterwards.

Melanie said...

im guessing another angry ex smoker? i may have saved 31k so far after quitting my habit(yep i was a heavy smoker) but continually inhaling chocolate and cakes is going to be my real ruin now that i have substituted the addiction.... that and i live next to a freeway, wth did i no lectures here. im all about sin and im damn well not happy i had to grow up and part with it all, now if i could just stop stuffing my face eh lol gluttony, my new sin