Saturday, May 9, 2009

Another crock of shit: Mother's Day

It's the day before Australian Mother's Day, and I was out at the shops for bread and milk. Thats where I saw them all.

Half the people were out collecting cakes or wines for the lunch, or hauling enormous bouquets of flowers - cause they could think of nothing else. Probably all thinking:

"What the hell does she need that she
wouldnt have bought herself already?"

Then there was the other half. They were even less likeable. Walking around glowing in anticipation of tomorrows adulation. All most likely thinking:

"This year! This will be the year
that all my expectations will be met!"

And most of these are basking in their own beatific glow, as though by the virture of their issue surviving its birth, that they themselves are entitled a sense of accomplishment, and the ongoing worship of our species forever and ever.

For many women though, Mother's day is just the day they all rub your nose in it, publicly. Thinking, but not saying:

"My child survived, and grew! Therefore, I and my child
are superior to you. Now let me tell you about the birth again..."

The onslaught of which has only one rational response:

"As long as your child lives, mine is lucky not to."

Another thing. If your mother does not feel loved and appreciated every day, then one of you is a total fuck up. Hard for me to say which from here.


BetteJo said...

WOW!!!! Mother's day has never been a big deal to me - when I was a kid OR now. But um .. I don't have any negative feelings about it either.

Ribbon said...

Awesome! I love what you've written here...
especially.. Another thing...

best wishes
Ribbon :-) & thanks for dropping by my place too