Friday, March 13, 2009

I do not blame the surgeon

She did her job, and a damn good one too. Youd have hardly known Id had a lump removed from that breast. Too bad they have to go in again and get the rest of it.

Cause it wasn't what they 'thought' it was. And Im extraordinarily lucky that their 'thought' won't cost me my life. This time anyway.

Moral of the story is this: if you think there is something wrong, and your GP just keeps telling you to "not worry so much", GET ANOTHER OPINION - fast.


BetteJo said...

Holy crap Lavender! Damn doctors! I hope all is well now - sheesh - and you're trusting your judgment and not just theirs!

Young Werther said...

That is so true. Doctors are reluctant to refer patients to specialists, I'm sure it's an ego thing!

Melanie said...

I dont have a high opinion of doctors, surgeons or specialists for valid reasons that would be selfish of me to share on your blog but all I can say is I totally agree. Get second opinions. Go with your gut feeling and dont assume they know everything, they are just after all just tradesman in a more complex field. Their knowledge isnt magic and some lack skill just like anyone in any profession....yes i am ranting...sorry mate. glad you went with your gut.

Ribbon said...

Yep always trust number one!... that being you.

Best wishes x Ribbon

merlinprincesse said...

Never trust..... nevah!!!! Took me 25 years to have the right diagnosis of what I have.... TWENTY FIVE YEARS!!!! For the first doctors, it was just in my head!!!!
I have a severe case of arthritis called Spondilytis Ankylosing... Watever... blah...
So I understand you 100%.... :)

TC said...

"They" don't "think" or "have thought"--they're not meant to. The machines do it for them, and a pretty poor job of it at that.

Sorry to learn you've been through all this.

Have had my own experiences, and am still not sure whether the illness or the alleged "cure" or "care" is the worse threat.

But then I am subject to the US health "care" system: a systematic brainless dehumanization, with a big ticket.

Can empathize with your Oculus Sinister situation; though your Dexter seems to be doing a wonderful amount of overcompensating, if your great photography is any index.

(Have a stroke-related left eye problem, vision poor, tear ducts shot, "raccoon mask" vascular headaches etc.; they say adversity makes you stronger, but all I can say for sure is, in this regard, it makes you squint and sigh a lot.)