Sunday, July 13, 2008

Barak, Nicole, Angelina & the Pope

Barak Obama
Nicole Kidman
Angelina Jolie
the Pope and his World Youth Day



Lavender said...

Thats it, thats how useless they all are, I cant even write more than that....feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.

Anonymous said...

WHHHHAAAAA poor parrot!

I'm also fuming at the moment about the frolicking Catholic youths! Some expect our business service as a DONATION!

Lavender said...

Egads! I cant imagine how they can feel justified there - and yet it doesnt surprise me - just torques me!

(I couldnt tell what did in this beautiful rosella, very sad find!)

Anonymous said...

Might have been a HEAD ON COLLISION! Hheheee. Sorry, no laughing matter, that is sad :(

Young Werther said...

Don't let this WYD thing get you down. Another 2 days and we can reclaim the CBD :)

Ces said...

Yes, yes, yes. But the poor parrot. The US media is prostituting itself with Barack Obama. This is Affirmative Action presidential election time. Angelina Jolie - she has not saved a life. If dignity, service and dedication were celebrities, there won't be a Hollywood actor on the list.

Lavender said...

Tell it like it is, Ces!