Friday, June 13, 2008

Philosphy: Stuff

I have decided that it is the nature of humans to desire.

At first, only for the basics, (food and shelter); then something higher, (belonging or love).

Those taken care of, humans seem particularly afflicted with the want of "stuff". Most "stuff" most people desire is complete rubbish, but they want it nonetheless. They also dont seem particularly fussed about tossing it in landfill once theyve set thier eyes on something new. Fickle AND Moronic!

If then, the problem is only that we are human, what is the solution?


barkfoot said...

Find your new replacement stuff at the landfill.

Lavender said...


Ces said...

Egads! I am guilty but trying to be a new person since turning half a century.

Lavender said...

Ces Oh sweeite, if more people tried it would make such a huge difference - keep up the good work!