Thursday, June 19, 2008

MORONS! RE: water

Water rates for the average household here in Sydney are set to rise by as much as $245 a year PLUS INFLATION by 2012.

Guess why? Cause Iemma thinks its a good idea to build this damned desalination plant, the people of Sydney dont want it, but he thinks they should have it anyway. Iemma and Sydney Water of course. And of course they say they wanted a larger increase - well, of course you did, you greedy forking bastards.

And ones got to wonder just how 'independent' this Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) is when they make statements like "Simply, we're allowing for the market conditions so (Sydney Water) can earn more on their investments." (IPART chief executive Jim Cox)

What about THE PEOPLE? Are the people here just to help big corporations increase thier wealth? Why is it always about the goddamned shareholders?

Actually in the majority of cases, people in general are usually all too willing to line up to hand over thier hard earned cash to a wealthy multi-national in exchange for (in the main) crappy goods (that end up in landfill later).

But for the love of whatever you hold holy or dear - this is water for forks sake! People cant live without it. How does that translate to 'we can charge whatever makes the most money for us'?

But wait, they put the boot in yesterday!

Water Restrictions eased to allow car washing. Why or why couldnt that have been a joke?

Somehow, after years in drought, the dams are back up to about 65% capacity and WOW! We can start wasting it again - on our cars, but not our gardens!

Oh no, dont you go try to resurrect that veggie garden yet! They have more plans to make more money out of you. Growing your own would interfere with that.

Its not like we couldnt wash the car at home before, its just we can use more water doing it (hose vs bucket). You know, for all the water patrols - the rev heads in my neighborhood never changed thier ways - so big damned hairy deal I guess.

Perhaps the only good thing about being able to wash the car is, since no one can afford the petrol to drive them anywhere, at least they will look nice parked in thier driveways.


Anonymous said...


I miss my vege patch :(

Lavender said...

Me mine too - MORONS!

Anonymous said...

That feels good doesn't it! The yelling I mean ... MOOOOOORONNNNNNS!!!

Ces said...

Idiots and morons! Greedy assholes! They mess with the water, they alter the earth - look at the Gobi dessert and the river in Russia and then our own pacific salmon issue because they redirected the rivers and built dams, the salmon can't find their way back to their birthplace where they were supposed to reproduce.

Now we make bottled water and fill the land with plastic bottles.

As for washing your car, drive it over your begetable path and wash it so you can do both - wash your car and water your garden. Hehe!

Ces said...

Not river in Russia. I mean the Aral Lake.

Lavender said...

Anon Tehehe...yelling MORONS! a few times does make me laugh, and not bitterly either HAHAHAHAHAHA! Great therapy! ;)

Ces Exactly! See, you get it too - they've got it completely balls up - and they think we are going to just take it - well, Nup!