Monday, November 19, 2012

Anyone else out there?

Reposting from FB AND TBTB...

I need to come out of my shell and just tell the truth about me.

I HATE christmas.

Nothing would suit me better than if it went the feck away and never came back.

Im tired of playing along, and I am sure I am not alone.

Im aware of hating it all year round, but when it comes close enough that plans have to be made - well - I just sort of spazz out.

Funnier still is that each year it seems to get worse....till here I am now...feeling backed in a corner and ready to bite anyone who comes near me and mentions it.

I mean, Im beyond mad about it, Im positively enraged by it.

I dont understand it myself. and I cant find a rational reason for it that is big enough to explain my way out of proportion reaction to it.

I dont want to deny my husband time with his family....but it just feels like Im betraying myself to continue to participate.

No one has to respond to this, I dont expect it and Im not inviting feedback - Im just getting it out there. Maybe others like me will appreciate the validation.

Why cant we just be good to each other and our fellow man all year round...without the need for cash and prizes?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Another crock of shit: Mother's Day

It's the day before Australian Mother's Day, and I was out at the shops for bread and milk. Thats where I saw them all.

Half the people were out collecting cakes or wines for the lunch, or hauling enormous bouquets of flowers - cause they could think of nothing else. Probably all thinking:

"What the hell does she need that she
wouldnt have bought herself already?"

Then there was the other half. They were even less likeable. Walking around glowing in anticipation of tomorrows adulation. All most likely thinking:

"This year! This will be the year
that all my expectations will be met!"

And most of these are basking in their own beatific glow, as though by the virture of their issue surviving its birth, that they themselves are entitled a sense of accomplishment, and the ongoing worship of our species forever and ever.

For many women though, Mother's day is just the day they all rub your nose in it, publicly. Thinking, but not saying:

"My child survived, and grew! Therefore, I and my child
are superior to you. Now let me tell you about the birth again..."

The onslaught of which has only one rational response:

"As long as your child lives, mine is lucky not to."

Another thing. If your mother does not feel loved and appreciated every day, then one of you is a total fuck up. Hard for me to say which from here.

Friday, March 13, 2009

I do not blame the surgeon

She did her job, and a damn good one too. Youd have hardly known Id had a lump removed from that breast. Too bad they have to go in again and get the rest of it.

Cause it wasn't what they 'thought' it was. And Im extraordinarily lucky that their 'thought' won't cost me my life. This time anyway.

Moral of the story is this: if you think there is something wrong, and your GP just keeps telling you to "not worry so much", GET ANOTHER OPINION - fast.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oculus Sinister, Self Portrait

My Oculus Sinister.

I am blind in my left eye, but with it I see that which is hidden.


The right eye is called Oculus Dexter.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Xmas Refugee Road Trip Trivia:

The only things open on Christmas Day:

Composting Toilets

Holiday Road Toll 2008:

Un-identifiable Corpses - 17
Sheep/Lambs - 8
Wombat - 3
Possom - 2
Roo/Wallaby - 10
Lizard - 9
Turtle - 1
Fox - 7
Rabbit - 9
Bird - 17
Trailers with one wheel off - 3

Total: 86 dead in 1,231 Kilometres

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

In-store McSwill

And the way they were handling the milk, I expected us to be ill.